Monday, July 1, 2013

NEdit Ctrl-Tab switching between multiple previously focused documents patch

Find here a patch to enable Ctrl-Tab switching between multiple recently accessed tabs in NEdit. It is especially useful for enhancing document navigation for window managers like icewm that don't support window grouping (and therefore require nedit to use tabs rather than separate windows when working on large projects).

To utilise the patch, apply it to the nedit-5.5 source (eg nedit-5.5-src.tar.gz), then modify an Xresources file (and place in $HOME). Note, to compile a working version of nedit against openmotif on EL6 (without the infamous copy and paste bug), see my previous post (

History (;
"How does one navigate multiple recently used files/tabs? MS Visual studio provides this functionality with Ctrl-tab. The only option provided by Nedit at present is to disable tabs and use alt-tab. The problem with this work around is that if a significant number of files are open in nedit then it requires a window manager that supports grouped task bar items. Nedit is therefore incompatible with icewm on even moderately sized projects."