Friday, October 15, 2010

Philosophy of the Body

The Philosophy of the Body website is now live ( - home of the Philosophy of the Body manuscript.

Note the Objectification Wiki is a forum devoted to the open discussion of the issue of Objectification in society - it contains the contents of the Philosophy of the Body (as published during its development) and may be used for the public review of this manuscript.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Linux File Management (Thunar versus Nautilus)

This primary GNU GUI file manager for Linux, Nautilus, is extremely slow (probably around x100 slower than Windows Explorer in Windows 95, and x10 lower than Windows Explorer in Windows XP).

Thunar is an excellent replacement to Nautilus on Linux, because it operates at reasonable speeds on a modern PC.

In September 2009, I started work on a modification of Thunar (, entitled "Thunar Preferences Traditional", which provides Thunar with those additional power user features missing from Linux file browsers (, but present in the original generation of Windows based file browsers;

Thunar Power User Preferences Dialog Box

show full path in title bar
location bar on separate line

Update 20 Sept 2011:

The Thunar Power User Edition has recently been compiled for EL6. I have uploaded the RPMs, source, and patches for both Thunar-0.9.0 (EL5) and Thunar-1.3.0 (EL6). They are based upon Thunar-0.9.0-2.el5.centos.src.rpm (EL5) and Thunar-1.3.0-4.el6.src.rpm (EL6) respectively. NB the "EL6-withHomeButton" specific version displays the home button at all times, even when the "remove lower priority toolbar buttons" option is selected.

Thunar with Traditional Preferences for EL5
Thunar with Traditional Preferences for EL6 Thunar with Traditional Preferences for EL6 (always show toolbar home button)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

EA's Rachel Bernstein is my hero

I was working on the xml code base to a society simulator (late 2008) when I noticed that EA had already made what I was after in SimCity Societies. (Although this code set was not developed any further, considering modification of SCS was far more efficient, it ended up being used by BAI). More recently (late 2009), I envisaged 'the perfect game' - and it now appears EA are working on this also - The Sims Medieval.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A brief history of objectification has gone public - representing humanity.

Subjectify went public last Monday evening with a group letter to all NSW Legislative Council members criticising their initial acceptance of a controversial adoption bill being discussed in parliament;

" is clear our tolerance of the misrepresentation of human beings has profound consequences. I can confidently state that this mis-identity crisis is expected. Exclusive homosexuality is a human phenomenon - it is not shared by other species in any significant measure and is therefore environmental, not genetic. It is also inexplicable how a four billion year evolved creature could cater for such a discrepancy in its natural instinct. Upon what basis does one then accept exclusive homosexuality as being good for an adopted child - and how is this belief any different than a fundamentalist belief?

Unfortunately this is no longer theoretical - children's lives will be changed by the outcome of our decision..."

Subjectify is a proactive organisation offering a range of harm preventative services. For more information contact

The Objectification Wiki is now in colour

The Objectification Wiki is now in colour -