Saturday, October 27, 2018

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff charged for suggesting that 56yo intercourse with 9yo is paedophilia

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was charged for questioning whether a 56 year old's marriage to a 6 year old and sexual intercourse at age 9 might be called paedophilia. The charge was upheld by both the Austrian Supreme Court and the ECHR (25 October 2018);{"documentcollectionid2":["GRANDCHAMBER","CHAMBER"],"itemid":["001-187188"]}

The suggestion was made within a seminar titled "Basic information on Islam".

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Deconstructing BBC Propaganda

"Tommy Robinson: 'You didn't expose abuse'" (BBC Newsnight - 11 Oct 2018)

Errors in compilation;
1. (00:08) "a villain to many but a hero to some"; the qualitative judgements reported here have been determined by his representation/labelling by MSM. It would have been productive to report conflict of interest (their role in shaping TR as a villain through terminology such as "extremist"/"far right").
2. (00:23) it would have been productive to report why he goes under the alias TR; protection of self/family against political/religious threats.
3. (00:40) selective broadcasting of disturbed TR supporters makes the BBC look biased and negatively affects their reputation with respect to neutrality.
4. (00:36) it would have been productive to report why his sentence was "later quashed" by the court of appeal; because it had over 7 systematic errors in its execution, making it "fundamentally flawed" ( / [3:00]).
5. (00:37) it would have been productive to report why TR can "still go back to prison"; because two new charges have been brought forth - claims of jeopardising the Leeds trial by reporting on publicly available grooming gang demographics declared by 3 independent parties - claims which are contradicted by a discussion between the original judge Marson and the CPS ( 3:58) after they watched the full livestream post jailing TR (in that it contained nothing to jeopardise the trial;
6. (00:47) "these days he calls himself a journalist"; TR has worked for Rebel Media and is currently an independent journalist. He undertook journalistic training with respect to contempt of court at one of the best law firms in the country before being arrested at Leeds court for breach of peace (later "contempt of court" and then quashed by the court of appeal).
7. (1:28) selective broadcasting of unimpressed policewomen makes the BBC look biased and again negatively affects their reputation with respect to neutrality.
8. (1:52/6:50/11:24) "islamophobia" implies irrational fear so it would generally be prescribed after examining the evidence (or making a journalistic case on a broadcast) not before.
9. (5:46) "the majority of paedophiles in this country are white men" - child gang rape/paedophilia (majority "Asian"/Pakistani Muslim) is not equivalent to child rape/paedophilia (majority "white").
10. (5:46) The percentage of "Asians" (Pakistani Muslim) are lower compared to "whites", so we would expect white paedophilia to be much (1 / 1.2m Pakistani/65m total pop x 90% Muslim = 50 times) higher than such "asian" paedophilia all things being equal. One has to examine statistical over-representation of Pakistani Muslim child rape with respect to the base rate (of Pakistani Muslims in the country).
11. (5:50) "go to any Tommy Robinson rally and you would come away with the impression that child abuse is somehow linked to Islam"; a thorough reading of the Old Testament and Quran would seriously assist in the BBC's ability to objectively report on this issue. The bible primarily contains stories/narratives/accounts of events including laws as given to Moses, whereas the Quran primarily contains commands/interpretations/assertions (narration versus dictation). This lends the Quran to being taken as an instruction manual. Moreover, it repeatedly asserts this as its required interpretation (while providing a method for dealing with contradictions across surahs; abrogation - / The bible does not codify sexual slavery (with captives of war), yet the Quran can be interpreted to do so ( / / Muhammad had at least one child bride (taken at age 6, consummated at age 9), along with multiple wives and sexual slaves, unlike the religious founder of the Church of England ( / /
12. (8:00) continuing to interview only critics of TR is not going to improve the BBC's reputation for misreporting about TR.
13. (8:15) "he seemed to be the go to Muslim" - this segment frames an outspoken and unapologetic cleric as exclusively representative of TR's view on Islamic following (it would have been more objective to examine the actual arguments of TR).
14. (10:40) "they are hanging their politics explicitly on an anti-muslim agenda"; this statement is subversive and should be corrected - confounding ideas with people is precisely how actual extremism (dehumanisation) develops. Where politics is involved there is only an anti-islamic agenda. (Note UKIP has multiple unrelated policies so any categorisation of their politics as being dependent on this agenda is questionable).
15. (11:05) "the platforms are been given over to the extremist ideologues" - the only way to prevent actual extremism (which is minimal in the TR movement), is to start reporting on facts neutrally. Censorship will not work as it will just go offline/underground. The solution is more not less information/speech. Similarly, there needs to be greater and more detailed criticism of culture and religion.
16. (11:35) "the people who have exposed scandals throughout the country is survivors contacting the media"; this is of course correct. Yet the "right" (including Sikhs, e.g. were talking about the Pakistani/Muslim grooming gangs before the MSM or establishment (first reported by MSM 2010; Their coverage was cited by MSM reporter Andrew Norfolk who conducted the first MSM investigation into the demographics of grooming gang assaults. Andrew Norfolk declared their own findings to be in accordance with "the far right's dream story" ("innocent white girls, evil dark skinned men"; 3:52), in that it is precisely what the "right" had been reporting. The "right" continue to talk about the problem far more than the MSM, thereby "exposing" the problem to public awareness. Again, it does critically depend on victims to first come forward.

"Tommy Robinson is in prison and this is why" (Channel 4 News - 7 Jun 2018)

Adam Wagner; "If Tommy Robinson was really bothered about getting justice for the victims of the crimes, then he wouldn't have attempted to derail the trial by reporting it in a prejudicial way";
1. The judge who sentenced TR hadn't seen the full live stream; []
2. TR was careful to use the word "alleged" whenever referencing the accused (unlike other journalists; e.g.
3. TR repeatedly asked the police and crew whether he was allowed to be reporting outside the court (off the steps). The police responded by saying "as long as you're respectful". Note the reason TR was being so careful in this regard is because he was previously charged with contempt of court (of another child gang rape trial).
4. The question TR asked of the accused "how are you feeling about the verdict? Is there any guilt?" mirrors what a prominent SkyNews reporter asked Count Dankula outside the court (implying that it classifies as respectful according to journalistic standards).
5. Compared to the time in which TR was charged with contempt of court, previous hearings being reported on involved verbal harassment of the accused by media/persons outside the court (e.g., TR is one of few individuals in the UK yet required to be overtly courteous to alleged gang rapists of young girls.
6. The audience numbers were 10000 during the livestream (the only reason a quarter of a million have now watched it is because the general public have detected a discrepancy in the administration of justice in the case of TR). These audience numbers are similar to those witnessing recordings of previous hearings by independent journalists (e.g.
7. TR's reporting apparently occurred on the final day of the trial when "the jury are making their verdict", meaning it was assumed that the reporting would/could not influence the outcome of the trial.
8. There is evidence to suggest TR is one of only few journalists in the UK who has consistently and actively cared about the UK child gang rape victims over the decade.

Classifying TR's activities as right wing is disingenuous given that 90% of the child gang rape cases involve accused persons from an Islamic/Pakistani background/demographic (and any reasonable individual would like to know why, irrespective of their political affiliation). A large number of persons were instrumental in lifting the media ban ("blackout") on TR's imprisonment.

[note TR's contempt of 25 May 2018 court sentence was quashed by the court of appeal 1 Aug 2018 and he was released from prison. Two new charges have since been brought forward for an optioned retrial of the original case].