Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Period

Ever wondered what a male period looks like? Do males have them?

Well they do, and they might even be seriously periodic - just strongly affected by sexual abuse/activity. It is difficult to obtain data for other reasons also; for example not wanting to remember and subsequently reflect upon experience (generally leading to conscious desire for objectification).

Observed periodicity appears to be monthly (and perhaps half-monthly). The weak periodicity observed could however be explained by other factors, including experience of ambient objectification, synchronisation with ambient female cycle, regular build up and subsequent release, etc. Selection bias is unlikely considering this is all of the data I have. There is a likely bias as resultant of the peak detection algorithms applied (stacking and centring of data). But it is definitely worth some more research. Unfortunately it is a more difficult experiment to conduct in this day and age. I wonder how many psychologists would have risked conducting such an experiment given their current definition of mental health. Well to be fair, perhaps there is good data out there already... I suspected they might be somewhat periodic years ago, but it has taken yet more years to start recording them. Recording a first data point is never very exciting (considering it means nothing by itself - it is just an isolated date).

There was a time in history when people didn't need to talk about this, let alone publish (- ever wondered why psychology started?), but with a non-functional state actively subjecting its younger population to abuse, it is probably worth recognising reality for what it is given it is so rarely encountered.

For reference, the average period is taken to be 30.05 days. This is measured peak to peak across a) all peaks > 1 WD per night (taking the final peak / maximum within each cycle) + b) isolated peaks (of 1 WD). Peak generation / stacking is applied within a 1 week interval (up to 7 days). Data is taken across 3 independent periods. Approximate data marked with tilde (~). It probably requires a K-S test versus a simulation of the average (or fourier analysis) to validate the likelihood of a coincidental versus real correspondence.

Long live intellectualisation.

Apache OpenOffice 3.4 versus LibreOffice

I have always been concerned with LibreOffice, ever since discovering that their flagship feature, SVG support, did not work ( They also seemed to maintain an indignant face to, their predecessor. Perhaps this is justified based upon community treatment, and perhaps a critical mass of developers could improve their quality management, but at this stage it has not happened. Surprisingly, the release under the Apache license made no difference to their line (although it arguably eliminates the necessity of maintaining a fork).

The fact is IBM are a major corporate player in ODF, and without universal corporate support, adoption is going to be difficult. This means no office competition, and a higher priced, lower quality product range from all parties. It also means no escaping Windows, as the corporate world will remain reliant upon use of proprietary standards, which are only accessible from proprietary operating systems. Although these happen to have fast tracked "ISO" variants, these implementation dependent syntactical graveyards ironically remain unimplemented despite being perfectly representative of the Microsoft Office 95, sorry, Office 2010, architecture.

OpenOffice 3.4 by comparison provided perfect SVG import support on my limited tests (maintaining character spacing). That which LibreOffice has consistently failed on; from LibreOffice 3.3 to LibreOffice 3.5.3.

Both OpenOffice 3.4 and LibreOffice 3.5.3 appeared to successfully export SVG, although OpenOffice 3.4 performed slightly better (maintaining line widths).

See my previous comments on this issue;

Apache official announcements;

To be positive, everyone can improve here;
- IBM can release a distribution of Linux and put its name and money behind it
- Microsoft can continue its parallel support of ODF (and release ODF 1.2 support ASAP)
- LibreOffice can consolidate into whatever is necessary to provide a better product than OpenOffice (even if this entails merging back)


If you find there are too many bugs in EL6 LibreOffice like I have (ie, it is starting to feel like crash every minute Microsoft Office, not stable OpenOffice), to get rid of it follow these instructions (
  • yum remove openoffice* libreoffice*
  • su root
  • nedit /etc/yum.conf
    • ## Add exclude row
    • [main]
    •* libreoffice-ure*
  • download AOO from (eg Apache_OpenOffice_incubating_3.4.1_Linux_x86-64_install-rpm_en-US.tar.gz)
  • tar -xvf Apache_OpenOffice_incubating_3.4.1_Linux_x86-64_install-rpm_en-US.tar.gz
  • cd en-US
  • rpm -Uvh RPMS/*.rpm RPMS/desktop-integration/openoffice.org3.4-redhat-*.rpm
  • install language pack:
    • Apache_OpenOffice_incubating_3.4.1_Linux_x86_langpack-rpm_en-GB.tar.gz
    • tar -xvf Apache_OpenOffice_incubating_3.4.1_Linux_x86_langpack-rpm_en-GB.tar.gz
    • cd en-GB
    • rpm -Uvh RPMS/*.rpm
  • exit
  • openoffice.org3 (GnomePanel - System - Office - OpenOffice)
24 hour bug list after first serious use of LibreOffice Writer;
  • after editing document length (eg changing all font sizes of a particular type), must save document then reload document else it will show wrong spacing between figures
  • still can't add new/custom colours in LibreOffice (not a bug, but a basic feature they could have introduced without making the entire system unstable)
  • when editing figures, can't exit group via mouse click off figure (must right - group - exit group), else all figures will be uneditable/be faded out, and must save and reload the document
  • cannot select trailing bracket of text eg ']' or ')' - cursor just skips this character (this occurred in more than one independent instance/context; ie pasted text and table text)
  • page up/down doesn't work when document has figure captions (the cursor gets stuck within a figure when pressing page up multiple times; NB OpenOffice page up does not ever move cursor within figure text- it just skips over figure text as expected)
  • Table (which was formatted in web view) gets automatically repositioned to new page (this may not be a bug, workaround: table properties - untick 'keep with next paragraph')

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sexual Sedation = Mental Health

Or does it?

Does sexual relations in an otherwise "unsustainable" (unwanted) relationship constitute mental health? Voluntary engagement in a task where the subconscious and conscious have conflicting intentions? Traditional psychology (common sense) might denote this as disintegration, or perhaps divergence.

Does exclusive relations with an object of the same sex constitute mental health? It doesn't in every other species on the planet.

Who is going to raise (restore) the standard in psychology? Are there any good psychologists out there (left)? It makes it impossible for philanthropy to operate on a consistent front. We end up destroying someone's capacity for virtue and therefore happiness on the basis of "mental health".

What is subconscious should stay subconscious.

Google is struggling to maintain its professionalism

Here are some help forum posts demonstrating Google's quality management failures in recent years;

Google now returns results that don't contain all the keywords specified~ Why??????

Search box at bottom of page

Search Box Size

Why force inappropriate preview images?

Cannot disable Autocomplete? -- Google's Software Principles

How do I turn off autocomplete?

Please remove FADE-IN now!!!

Google gets a new look

When will Google give users the ability to turn off the Everything Sidebar


YouTube Advertising - no Images

What the hell is up with the EVONY OFFENSIVE ad on youtube?

Too Right

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Use your capacity to make people's brains think you want to have sexual relations with them

I was harassed by the "government" in order to bring you this evidence - use it wisely.

It is not entirely clear what constitutes their so called governance.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The toleration of objectification in public advertisements on government property

After repeated failures of the NSW government to respond to our letters, and 16 months after publishing our open letter, the issue of acceptable use of advertising on government property is probably worth talking about. Regrettably, we are forced to use sarcasm - one would have thought our elected government could have been mature enough to respond to reason, without us needing to resort to rhetoric.

What is the Australian government teaching our school children exactly? I mean children are too stupid to tell the difference between what we teach them inside school and outside of school anyway. Just lets make sure we continue to give them lots of harmless nonsense - we wouldn't want to feed them anything intellectually challenging or of undefined political correctness. I am surprised they haven't outlawed the Mysterious Cities of Gold - what a primitive cartoon. Hayao Miyazaki is a dangerous man. And if the children feel something is inappropriate. Tell them this is the only bus they are going to get. Wear your uniform and shut up (you have freedom to objectify but not to speak in this country).

Ah, but they are not actually advertising clothes are they. What were they advertising again? Technically it is not primary objectification, it is apparent objectification (a psychological by-product of our education/developmental environment - ie, expectation that a human should be clothed in public). Perhaps they should have advertised the Richard Bruce Baxter fashion line instead - which wholly consists of tight pants and mini skirts for men (we like to highlight the genital features in particular). I mean, at least this would be a socially realistic and publicly acceptable form of ASO. A kitten shakes its head.

Psychology is a science invented by marketing agencies right? What on earth is supply and demand? ... Don't worry - the NSW government has legalised brothels - a little bit of dehumanisation should solve everything.

Oh yeah, and the school children - sorry we forgot about them. I hear they have good contraception programs going down in Victoria. Until then..

A brave new world.